james harden

Hey, I thought it was supposed to be like…

Sometimes things don’t happen exactly like you expect, especially in the NBA.

1. Nets can’t beat good teams. (Four straight wins over teams at or above .500)

2. Pacers are a poor offensive team. (Drop 125 on New York Knicks)

3. Warriors are one of the more dangerous teams in the West. (Six straight blowout losses)

4. On the Rockets instead of the Thunder, James Harden will struggle in the second half as defenses gang up on him. (Scores 46 in a win over his old team, the Thunder)

5. Kobe is the only player on the Lakers doing any good. (Bryant is just 1 for his last 35 three point tries, dating back to January 20)

6. Lakers, Nets, Knicks, Hawks, Bucks, Celtics, Clippers and Jazz all want to make some moves. (All staying put hours from the trade deadline)

7. Grizzlies are mailing in the season by trading Rudy Gay. (Grizz win their 6th in a row)

8. Utah will slide out of the playoff picture as the Lakers catch up. (Jazz have won three straight and have a five game lead over the Lakers)

9. Knicks are a premier team in the East and are the Heat’s primary competition. (14-14 in their last 28 games, haven’t beat a .500+ team on the road since December 11)

10. Spurs are old and won’t be able to keep it up. (Won 15 of their last 16 games and hold best record in the NBA)

Just some observations. I guess it’s just one more reason why the NBA is such a great game.