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what you need to know about Chris Davis

AL BEast Notebook – April 6

Orioles games have become Must-See TV with the way first baseman Chris Davis has been hitting. Much has been said already but here are some things that stick out to me.

- Only two other players in history have hit a home run and had three runs batted in four straight games: Lou Gehrig and Bill Dickey (75 years ago). They both did it five in a row.

- Every team has played four games. Fourteen teams have lower home run totals than Chris Davis.

- Davis has produced more runs (17; 16 RBI plus one other run scored) than sixteen teams have scored. That’s over half the league.

- 16 RBI is the most for the first four games in MLB history.

- Davis has 9 hits in his last 13 at bats (.692) with four homers and three doubles.

- Davis is 5 for 7 with runners in scoring position for 14 RBI, and 3 for 3 with RISP and two outs.

- Davis is 7 for 8 batting against righties and has hit two home runs against lefties.

- Three of his home runs are on pitches outside the strike zone. He has hit a home run to right field, center field, and two to left field.

- For his career, Davis has averaged a strikeout every three at-bats. This young season he has one strikeout in 15 at-bats.

- Despite his hot hitting, Davis has been walked just once. Why? The man immediately in front of him (Adam Jones) has a league-leading 10 hits. And the batter before Jones has had four hits and three walks. Strangely, managers have intentionally walked the batter before or two before Davis twice. Davis knocked the ball out both times.